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International Competition

Thank heavens racing and spring are here. The usual suspects Kevin Welch, Ian and Joy Sloan are competing in Charleston Race Week in South Carolina, after a rough start they have rattled off four bullets in a class stacked with luminaries from all over the map. In fact for those trivial pursuit fans, Chris Field, whose brother Jay Field owns the local Villge Pizza/ Wheelhouse is laying 9th. All... Continue reading this entry

Potluck and Basketball

Racers just had a successful Tulip Regatta and Cruisers are off to Bellingham this weekend. It's time for something about some basketball! The NCAA National Championship game is on Monday, April 7th. Will it be Florida or Connecticut vs Wisconsin or Kentucky? Whichever it is, what a great excuse to have a potluck at the club and watch the nation's 2 top teams battle it out. The... Continue reading this entry
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