Bartending is the Coolest!

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Bartending is the most fun job in the whole club! Where else can you stand in one place and have everyone come to you...and they are smiling and so happy to see you.

If you are interested in making others happy and giving your time to the club in a most significant way, come join the ranks of AYC bartenders. Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) is required by law for persons who serve, mix, sell, or who supervise the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption at a liquor licensed establishment. No problem, the course is online! Download the complete list of class providers or try MarKay's recommended Jan enjoyed the Len Riggs class. Prices vary from $10-$30 and the course takes about 3 hours. This course doesn't teach how to mix a drink. It teaches us how to be responsible behind the bar. For a head's up video, see Last Call.

Once you have your license, contact Deanna Emsley, Rear Commodore, for training and we will see you behind the bar. It is as simple as that!