Wednesday Night Buoy & Weekend Distance Racing

Buoy races are held in Fidalgo Bay weekly on Wednesday nights during the spring, summer and fall months. 
Racers socialize at the AYC clubhouse after each Wednesday night race for dinner, drinks and to hear the race results.

Distance races are held on the weekends during the spring, summer and fall months.

Please visit the links below to learn more about these activities.

  • 2018 AYC Race Calendar
  • 2018 AYC Race Registration  (coming soon)
  • 2018 Race Packet (printable PDF)  (coming soon)
  • 2018 Volunteer Duties and Schedule  (coming soon)
  • Who's Racing? (coming soon)
  • Crew Bank (please note that members & guests must login to view this forum)
  • Distance Charts
  • Race Results

 In order to participate in club buoy and distances races you will need to submit a 2017 AYC Race Registration, accept a liability waiver and verify that you have insurance.

If you would like to be scored you will also need to be a current PHRF-Northwest member and have a valid 2017 rating for your boat.  Your PHRF-NW membership is required as it provides you with a handicap rating which the club can use to correct your elapsed times relative to the performance potential of your boat.  For additional information about PHRF-Northwest, please refer to the following website.   Your can also contact our local club PHRF handicapper, Ed Kennedy for additional information.

Racers are asked to asked to run the committee boat and serve a meal once each racing season.  Please check the 2017 Volunteer Duties and Schedule for your assignment.

In order to participate in the following events you will need to complete a separate on-line registration process.  Please click on the links below for more information.

For additional information about participating in AYC club racing, please contact the Race Committee Chairman Andy Schwenk.


We guarantee that you will have a wonderful time if you participate in the AYC club racing program and that your sailing skills will improve considerably!  Come out and join us!