Garrison Bay Annual Cruise

May 26-29, 2017

Plan on joining in on one of our signature cruises, to Garrison Bay, San Juan Island. Garrison Bay has a good bottom and the depth is a convenient 15 feet. Well sheltered, it’s often warmer in the bay. Conditions permitting, we will form one large raft. Sean & Jan, Pacific Drifter, will arrive early to get it started. We will evolve the raft as conditions and common sense dictate.  As you arrive, please hail Pacific Drifter on VHF 72 for instructions.

Registration is open!

Friday’s happy hour will be aboard the raft at 1700 hours.  Bring your own beverage and an hors d'oeuvre to share.  If the raft has attained sufficient size we will have a brief ceremony declaring it a sovereign nation followed by the election of a fearless leader.  If the typically delicious array of appetizers doesn’t fill you up, you are on your own for dinner.  A high stakes game of quarters is likely to materialize at some point in the evening.

Garrison Bay 2016

Saturday morning is a good time for exploring the park and nearby hikes. Roche Harbor is a dinghy ride away and fun to explore, or head on up to the oyster farm for lunch. 

JUST ADDED! San Juan Vineyards tour and wine tasting, 11am. The cost is $12 per person and includes six wines with three cheeses and crackers.

The blindfolded dinghy race starts at 14:00!  A world class panel of arbitrary and capricious judges promises to surprise you with new rules to keep this classic race concept interesting.  A backwards kayak race could also be in the cards …

Sunday - lazy start for most, feel free to drop in on Pacific Drifter for coffee.

Weather permitting, plan on a potluck dinner ashore at 17:00 (bring your own chair)  Our foul weather option will be a blue tarp special on the raft.  We have extensive tribal knowledge and proprietary bungee technology to rig proper cover so we can eat, drink and be merry!  If the weather looks at all sketchy, listen on 72 at 16:00 for dinner plans.

Monday is the time to head home. Of course there is nothing keeping you from staying longer! (However, you should note that if you are tied to Pacific Drifter you will find yourself enroute to Anacortes at some point!)

Stay on VHF 72, low power, during the cruise for information and further planning.

Questions? Contact Cruise Captains Sean Kelly 360-770-2806 or Jan Chapman 360-929-1049