Operating Committees

The following is a list of operating committees that are in operation for 2017: 


 Anacortes Small Boats Center Liaison - Responsible for coordinating activities for young sailors in the local community.
 Beth Bell
 Audit CommitteeConducts an audit of the financial records of the club at least once each year. Bill Stone
 Bar Operation Committee - The goal of this Committee is to operate the Bar at a reasonable, not necessarily maximum, profit while satisfying the bar service desires of the Membership.  Deanna Emsley
 Budget Committee - Prepare an annual budget for the operation of the club based on annual submissions from committees.  After compilation, the committee will forward the budget to the Treasurer for presentation to the Board of Directors.                                   Kipp Carroll
By Laws Committee - Do an annual review of AYC by-laws and advise and assist the Board in matters relating to the by-laws. Warren Walz
Chase Boat Captain - Responsible for maintaining and service of the Club's chase boats and its motors so that they are available for use at all the Club's on-water activities; train club members in the proper operation of the boats; maintain records of boat maintenance & qualified member operators.                              

Colin Emsley  Steve Hayes

Cruise Committee - Plan, organize, schedule, supervise, and publish adequate notice of any cruising activities including, but not limited to: destinations; timing; moorage; assembly point and facilities; shore & harbor activities; evaluate & report on the success/improvement of each activity.            

Tom Decker & Nancy Wong


Dinghy Dock Committee - Administers the Club's dinghy dock including: who is authorized to use the dock; rental contracts; timely payment maintenance of a waiting list; repair & maintenance of the Club's dock. 
Steve Orsini
 Facilities Committee - Responsible for the maintenance and repair of clubhouse & grounds.  The Committee duties are as follows:  monitor the janitorial service; request assistance from members for service beyond those that are contracted for; recommend projects deemed necessary to the Board; supervise, monitor, and be responsible for completion of club capital projects which are referred to the Committee.                            
Bill Stone
 Galley Operations Committee - Provide food & non-alcoholic beverages for Club functions; purchase supplies; contract with caterers when directed; provide budgets & accountings for functions; maintain Skagit Health Department standards; coordinate with other committees such as Program, Race, Cruise, Facilities, Bar Operations, caterers, and other entities.     
Walt Meagher
Government Affairs Committee - Represent the Club at meetings of the Recreational Boating Association of WA and other yachting organizations; become & remain informed on activities of appropriate government bodies affecting marine affairs and recommend to the Board such positions and actions they should take in such cases as necessary.                          
Vince Sellen
Historical Records Committee - Maintain an archive of historical records & update and maintain pictures of past-present commodores. Karen Thomson
Insurance Committee - Conduct an annual review of the Club's insurance policies at least 3 months prior to expiration of policies.  Any adjustment to premiums made by insurance carriers or recommended changes by the committee will be reported to the Board before the policy is renewed or modified. John Wilkinson
Membership Committee - Assemble & present membership applications to the Board; review by-laws involving membership and recommend action, where necessary, to the Board; develop, for approval by the Board, programs to obtain new membership; and develop the methods, procedures and coordination with other committees for welcoming new members. Danette Carroll
Opening Day - Organize volunteers & coordinate participation with the Port of Anacortes for Opening Day events.  The committee will prepare an annual budget for submittal to the Budget Committee Markay Neumann
Permanent Marks Committee - Maintenance, permitting & general support of permanent sailboat race marks.  The committee will prepare an annual budget for submittal to the Budget Committee.            
 PHRF Handicapper - Coordinate between AYC & PHRF-NW for purposes of establishing handicap ratings for AYC members boats.    Colin Emsley
Program Committee - Scheduling of Club functions and meetings and arranging for presentations of interest to the membership, coordination with Bar & Galley Operations to ensure food & beverages as needed; supervise the decoration and arrangement of the clubhouse; establish and maintain communications systems to solicit and confirm reservations for all events requiring same; provide timely promotional material for inclusion in the Club Web Site.  The committee will prepare an annual budget for submittal to the Budget Committee. Walt Meagher
Publicist - Maintain liaison with local newspapers and regional boating magazines regarding the reporting & advertising of Club activities.  
 $5 Night Committee - Responsible for arranging volunteers to prepare and host, on the 4th Friday of each month a $5 night dinner.  Alternatively, in months where no volunteers are available, arrange for a pot-luck dinner.  The goal is to offset expenses of the dinner by the $5 admission fee Marti Frazer
Race Committee - Responsible for all sailboat races including but not limited to the following:  obtaining USCG permits in advance of AYC sponsored races; establish courses; set start times; acquire, maintain, set, retrieve and store marks; arrange for start & finish boats; record, tabulate and report race results; publicize race results to the various media; acquire & award trophies; and coordinate with the Program, Bar & Galley Operations Committees to provide necessary food & beverages for racing functions such as post-race and award activities. Andy Schwenk
Reciprocal Committee - Prepare & dispatch Reciprocal Moorage cards to other yacht clubs; maintain a list of reciprocal privileges from other clubs and post on AYC website (coordinated with Yachtdestinations.org); coordinate the management of our reciprocal moorage with Cap Sante Marina Harbormaster; track utilization of the Reciprocal dock and report on usage & utility fees collected to the Board. Art O'Neal
Roster Committee - Publication of the annual Membership Roster including the solicitation of advertising.

Jan Chapman Nancy Wong

Ship Stores Committee - Acquire, maintain, advertise and sell such items as may be approved to support AYC activities.  The Keeper will prepare an annual inventory and budget for submittal to the Budget Committee Jamie Riggs
Technology Committee - Responsible for the design and upkeep of the Club's website and Memberclicks database and communication; use & maintenance of the Clubhouse A/V system and WIFI.  The committee will periodically offer appropriate training to Club members on the use of these systems. Jerry Reilly
Waterfront Festival - Organize volunteers and coordinate participation with the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Anacortes to provide boat rides for the festival.  The committee will prepare an annual budget for submittal to the Budget Committee. Bob Neumann