2018 Cruising Schedule

Dates Destination Cruise Captains & contact info
Feb 24 Girts Rekevic's Foul Weather Race and Cruise - Friday Harbor ??
April 20-22 Shakedown Cruise to Bellingham Tom & Sandy Norris
May 25-27 Dave Thomson Memorial Cruise to Sucia Island Cruise Captains??
Sandy: snsea@comcast.net
June 22-23 Family Cruise and Picnic to Bowman Bay John & Diane Wilkinson
July 2-5 4th of July Fisherman’s Bay @ Lopez   
July 20-22 Langley Cruise  Connie & Michael Russell
Aug 3-6  Symphony Splash Cruise to Victoria Inner Harbour
Note:  Symphony is Sunday, Aug 5
Jerry and Kathi Reilly
Aug 13-20 Canada Pub Crawl (Genoa Bay, Maple Bay, Ladysmith, Nanaimo (2 nights), Montegue Harbor, Port Browning) MarKay and Bob Neuman
Sept TBD Deer Harbor - Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Cruise Garth and Marti Frazer
Fall/Winter Land Cruise Captain's Choice Cruise Captains ?
Sandy: snsea@comcast.net
Please let Sandy and Tom Norris, 2018 Cruise Chairs, know if you would like to organize another gathering not already listed above.
Email: snsea@comcast.net