Web Site Policies

The Anacortes Yacht Club (AYC) web site and related components exists solely for the benefit of the club, its members and the promotion of recreational boating activities.  The following policies are to be used as a general guide for the user & operation of the club web site:

General Web Content

All content on the club website is for the operational purposes of the club and is to reflect the public standards and values of the club and its members.  No copyrighted, pornographic, charitable, political or religious materials are  to be posted. 


The gallery is managed by the web site administrators and is for the distribution of images pertaining to club activities, member vessels and other marine activities.  No pornographic, copyrighted, or otherwise questionable material is to be posted.


The blog is managed by the web site administrators using content provided by approved blog contributors. The blog is restricted to announcements, news, business, and other general information of interest to the majority of the AYC membership.  The blog is not to be used for copyrighted, pornographic, charitable, political or religious content.  No personal attacks or inappropriate language is ever to be used on the Blog.

Club Forum

The Club forum is provided by Facebook and is accessibe from the website's homepage.  Anyone who wishes to receive AYC Facebook updates automatically to their wall should click on "like".

Members Only Forum 

The Members' Forum is available only to Members who have logged in using their Club assigned Username and Password.

E-Mail Distribution List

The club maintains an e-mail distribution list.  Certain members of the club approved by the AYC board can access this list and distribute content by e-mail to club members.    Use of this e-mail list should be done judiciously and restricted to AYC matters only – it is not a vehicle to distribute pornographic, charitable, political, religious, or other content that would be considered inappropriate by the AYC board of directors.

On-Line Registration

The AYC on-line registration system is solely for the use by the club to facilitate on-line registration for events approved by the AYC board.  It is not to be used for any other events.

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