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Updates from your Flag Officers

By Bill Stone
Posted on 3/10/2018 12:41 PM

It is (still) all about volunteering.


Friday nights general meeting and dinner with Mayor Gere would not have been possible without the help of Jan Chapman, Jerry and Kathi Reilly, Walt Guterbock and Sam Stone.


And the Bar would not have been without the Bartenders, Diane and John Wilkinson.


Now the Clubhouse…. Spotless gutters, a new upper walkway, clean decks, rails, outside chairs, organized and fresh kitchen, clean windows, clean BBQ area, refurbished bar stools. 


Tom and Wyndham Jackson, Todd and Lorie Ann Morgan, Iain and Ingrid Draper, Jan Chapman, Ron and Diane Fry, Danette Carroll, Charley Drake, Sam Stone, David Hansen, Clay Wilcox, Robb Anderson, Dave and Terri Bawden, Jerry Reilly, John and Diane Wilkinson, Bob Barry, Robin Dalton and Frank Nebuloni.


Some brand new members, some recent members, and some long-term members, all volunteering to make AYC what it is today and what it will be in the future.