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Boating with Kids

Infants - well packaged and portable!
By Todd Osborne
Posted on 6/15/2018 2:38 PM
Did I mention my Son was first aboard at 2 1/2 weeks? Here's how that works...
One saying about infants that is generally accepted: All infants do is eat & poop. They don't run around, they don't fall overboard, they don't fiddle with critical equipment (like autopilots or radar..) they essentially hang out until the next event which consists of either eating, or pooping. Really pretty simple. Other than a stack of diapers, and a food source (aka mom....), you are good to go! Where to keep your bundle of joy? Well, a boat is a vehicle, just like a car right? Enter the car seat. put it low in the boat & voila! carrying case, bed, lounge chair and nap station all-in-one. Note that we actually purchased a hand made gear hammock that was just the right size for our bundled baby and secured it between the handrails in the salon below. We even ran a string to the cockpit so we could rock him to sleep remotely. What about all the waves and motion? O.K. who wants to "come clean" on driving your infant a couple extra times around the block because the motion settles them down... After 8 months of bobbing around in moms tummy, boating is about as close as it gets! 
Let us know what you think.
Next  up: addressing the terrible twos..