Shakedown Cruise to Bellingham April 21-23, 2017


About 50 AYC members gathered at the Port of Bellingham and Squalicum Harbor on a Friday and Saturday nights to enjoy an easy cruise  weekend.  The Bellingham Yacht Club was very welcoming to AYC.  They provided barbecued brisket and AYC members provided the side dishes.  What a lovely setting and evening.
Saturday, several members strolled to the Farmers Market and lunch. Rocket Donuts was a hit! Some folks participated in the Science March; some visited the POB Marine Life Center Exhibits.  Many found the LFS Marine and Outdoor Hardware Store very convenient.  The WebLocker was a popular breakfast and lunch stop. Rumor has it that the fried oysters were excellent.
A few showers early afternoon allowed some folks time to rest from clean up chores.Shakedown Cruise 2017 - Bellingham
Saturday afternoon, about 40 cruisers gathered in the BYC Ward Room to share easy cruising appetizers and sample various box wines.  In an informal poll, the favorite white selection was the Loft Sauvignon Blanc.  Two reds tied:  Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red and the Big House Cabernet.
Sunday morning, people enjoyed a bit of sunshine and walking before heading back home.

The recipes are here.


Ready for boating this season?
We are thinking about boat scrubbing, cleaning the bedding and musty jackets, checking the backup parts and supplies, restocking the pantry and beverage locker, finding some different books & games, and looking for a new pair of boat shoes or cruising hat.
Join us in Bellingham to see what a few nautical miles onboard does to help you prepare :-)  If your boat is not ready join  us by car, train or other choices of land travel. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Port of Bellingham has reserved space on Docks 3 and 12 for AYC.  A large vessel will be on Dock 9 and leaving early Sat am, so Dock 9 is open on one side for Friday night and both sides on Sat night if you prefer.

We will start the gathering at Dock 3.  Please contact the Harbormaster on your way in to be assigned a space.

Note: Gate 3 is closest to the Bellingham Yacht Club.
Call AYC on Channel 68 to help you dock.   Marina fees are payable at time of docking
                Marina map and more information at:  
5:00 pm   Social and Dinner at the Bellingham Yacht Club
  • BYC will provide the main dish. 
  • AYC members, please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert for 8-12 to share.
  • Cash bar open.
Saturday, April 22

Shakedown time: Repair things, find leaks, check out rattles, borrow tools, find your log book, share duct tape         
Explore the area - it's 2.2 miles walk into town (about 45 minutes) or take the bus for $1.00 each way (see map)
                A couple of ideas to consider:
                Shop at the Bellingham Farmers Market; Depot Market Square, 1100 Railroad Avenue (10am-3pm)
                Visit a Brewery & Bistro; Boundary Bay Brewery, 1107 Railroad Avenue (11:00am - 10pm) 
4:00 pm   
  • BYC will open the club and will let us use a room downstairs from 4-6pm.  AYC cruisers bring our own beverages and snacks to share. (The upstairs club space has been leased out that night.)
  • Please bring an appetizer to share.
  • Please bring a copy of your recipe to be compiled for our "Easy Snax on Board"
                    (Paper plates, forks and napkins will be provided)          
6:00 pm   Dinner is on your own
                See map below for nearby places to eat
                Perhaps invite another AYC boat crew to share a potluck dinner on your boat
Sunday, April 23
9:00 am   Book exchange - stop by Artemis with your coffee and bring a book to trade  
11:00 am  Head out for a leisurely return