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AYC Racing

Wednesday Night racing April 11, 2018
By Walter Meagher
Posted on 4/15/2018 1:17 PM

Wednesday Night racing April 11, 2018 – Pretty much perfect breeze!  Chris and Garth on Allelu set a nice long start line and got the race off nicely. A big THANK YOU for their efforts! The course set was from the middle of Fidalgo Bay upwind to the SW mark then all the way to the N mark along Guemes Island then back to the start-finish line.  We on Syndicat had left in our 2nd reef from the past Sunday at Tulip Regatta so we just left it in for the upwind leg along with the #3 headsail, shook out one reef going downwind and because we had no other boats on our fleet just flew the #3 downwind although we could just as easily have flown the ¾ oz. spinnaker.  We decided to save the wear and tear on the spinny!  On the way downwind the breeze lightened a lot so we shook out the reef and finished with the full main sail.  About 5 minutes from the finish line the wind picked up again to where we would have liked the have the reef back!  Back at the club Steph announced the results and a nice time was had by all!