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Jack Island Double handed race
By Walter Meagher
Posted on 9/30/2018 3:40 PM
This past Saturday September 29th we ran the annual Jack Island double handed race.  I normally do this with my partner in Syndicat Jerry VanderVeen. this year however, Jerry was working as a ship captain and could not go.  I asked, Melissa, a young woman who has been crewing all summer if she would like to come along and she said yes.  She has not been able to do the foredeck before or much driving.  She did both on Saturday!  We left the R2-refinery dock start line at 9:00 AM in very light breeze and negative current.  The light air continued until we were up near the tip of Samish Island when we could see a dark line on the water coming toward us.  Just ahead Big Brodura caught the new breeze and really took off!  Pretty soon it came down to us and we also took off.  The wind kept building until we were in over 15 knots with gusts higher.  Pretty sporty!  The course was interesting in that we had to go around the R4 buoy on the way to and from Jack Island making for some fun mark roundings!  All in all that was the kind of day on the water that makes it all worth while!