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AYC Racing

Lydia Shouls race
By Walter Meagher
Posted on 10/21/2018 2:20 PM

The fleet all started cleanly, or at least it was clean fog, and turned the corner into the Guemes Channel at different locations and times.  However, it readily became evident that a heavy flood current was overwhelming everyone to terrible results.  I went below to look for our anchor, since we were now sailing in the opposite direction as desired.  While below I hear my Commodore/Skipper/partner ask: "what about just going with the current, around Guemes and Cypress Islands."  I reply, "that's the absolute craziest thing I've yet heard from you." and he retorts with "got a better idea? We're drifting that way anyway, there's no visible wind here in the Channel, there's got to be better wind there than here." So away we went, in the wrong direction.


When rounding the North tip of Cypress Island and pushing into Rosario Strait we looked for other boats, and noting only one in the rising fog.  Since we had our spinnaker up and noted that the other had only her white sails flying, Walt mentioned... " that boat is still trying to fetch the turning mark!" Then, when we got near the mark, he exclaimed with great confusion "that's a tri-hull.  What's the chance that our wrong decision put us to the mark at the same time as Big Broderna?"   Jerry VanderVeen